Acupuncture for Owls!

The first time I was exposed to acupuncture, I was working for a veterinarian who used acupuncture on his patients; mostly horses and dogs, but occasionally a cat or a bunny. I loved the natural holistic approach he had towards healing his patients. 

During my studies as a Chinese Medicine student, my dog, Turner, came down with an aggressive brain infection. We broke the bank and put him through all the tests, but nothing was able to determine the cause of the infection. After a few expensive nights in ICU, he began to recover. We took him home, feeding tube and all. The first week was a lot of stress for everyone. He couldn't walk, he couldn't eat, he was incontinent, but he was improving. After one visit to a vet for a consultation for veterinary acupuncture, I learned that the theories were not at all different from what I was learning in school. I prescribed Turner some herbal medicine, and gave him acupuncture several days per week. He responded wonderfully, and is now fully recovered from his illness. 

The fact that animals respond so phenomenally to acupuncture is proof enough for me that there is more to it than just a placebo affect as so many western medicine experts prefer to chalk it up to. 

So about those owls...

There is a vet in Spain who is helping to rehabilitate wild owls! Read about it here!

Sick owls given acupuncture to help return to wild