Visible Channels: science is catching up

The Bonghan Channels are modern evidence of the channels of acupuncture.

The Bonghan Channels are modern evidence of the channels of acupuncture.

For so many years, the western model of medicine has discarded acupuncture as an aloof, out of this world, weird and probably not real form of medicine. That is because one of the limitations of the western model is that if it is not visible or measurable, then it must not exist.

Most of the results that have been achieved through acupuncture have been chalked up to the placebo affect. In my short career as an acupuncturist, I have seen the biggest skeptics benefit from a single acupuncture treatment. So, I have to ask, if it is merely a placebo, then how is it that people who don't believe in acupuncture experience results? How is it that my dog, Turner, can benefit so greatly from a few weeks of acupuncture when he does not even understand that he is receiving a treatment? That is how the placebo effect works; you think the treatment will work, and therefore it does. How does that apply to dogs? How does that apply to those who do not believe?

It is more than a placebo. But until now, science has not been able to prove that meridians exist in the body. Without the physical, tangible proof, the only viable explanation is the placebo effect.

There is a scientist in Korea who was able to find structures in the body that correspond with the meridians that the Chinese doctors have mapped out thousands of years ago. They are called Bonghan Channels; named after him, of course.

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