I am a 70 year old mountain bike rider and I was very fortunate to have Timoni Slusher as my acupuncturist while she was an intern at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. Over the years, I have experienced more than a few chiropractors, masseuses, and acupuncturists, but none of them have the gift that Timoni brings. She is very intuitive and skilled in diagnosing and treating my problems.

During my 6 months of treatments with Timoni, I found that my damaged wrist felt and worked better than it has in years and my arthritic neck and back were no longer a problem; normal function had returned. Timoni used a variety of techniques to treat my problems and made sure that I was eating properly, stretching and limbering and strengthening my body in a good way.

She is very thorough and patient in her assessment of the patient. I had complete confidence in every session in everything that she did. To be her patient is good fortune in my opinion. She has made a huge difference for me. I would strongly recommend Timoni to anyone in need of massage or acupuncture and any business that employs here will be extraordinarily fortunate.

- Greg Birch

I was fortunate to have Timoni Slusher as an acupuncturist for several months. She helped me to alleviate extreme symptoms that I had previously found little relief from conventional treatment. My medical issues are complex, chronic, and sometime acute. Within two treatments I was feeling better and with continued treatment almost all of my most troubling issues had subsided. Since Timoni left San Diego my symptoms have been slowly returning to the original level.

I am currently looking for a practitioner with comparable abilities. Timoni is skillful, intuitive, knowledgeable and worked hard to relieve whatever issues were most immediate for me. She never suggested return treatment but her work spoke for itself. Being skeptical didn't stop me from being helped and the results were dramatic in my opinion. I hadn't felt as good in years, both physically and emotionally. I know this is gushing, but it is the truth.

In addition she is compassionate, listens deeply, and sincerely wants to help people. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She definitely has the healing touch.

- Georgiana

Timoni, I can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of me. Not only are you a caring, compassionate acupuncturist, but your advise/suggestions on nutrition have made such a change in my body.

I know I resisted the changes in my diet, but once I embraced those changes, it made so much difference in my health. Your reading suggestions were also helpful.

You listening not only to my words, but to my body and were proactive in treating me. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Simple put, I completely trust and respect you in caring for my health.

- Jonna Talbot